Funky 'n Chunky

Funky and Chunky would like to thank you for stopping by. Please join us as we review our favorite Movies, Music and Restaurants.

Are you wondering how this all began?

Well, one day after hitting the local Mc-y D's for the umpteenth time that week, we decided enough. So Funky said to Chunky "We got's to do sum'n about this food situation brutha." Chunky quickly replied, "If I jam another super-sized McBurger down my throat I am going to hurl!" We then dedicated our lunch time to going to a different restaurant or food joint everyday. After about a month we had restaurants that we would frequent and others we would never go to again. Suddenly we found everyone was asking us where to go eat, and we weren't shy about the way we feel.

The response was greatly received and people kept coming back for more and thus brought birth to this wonderful site, and acclaimed us the last two honest food critics.